T-Solution is the only solution which is from Korea. LOTTE HPT customized securities solution which was from Yuanta Securities (Korea), (formerly Tong Yang Securities) and optimized for Vietnam markets. Since T-Solution was introduced, LOTTE HPT keeps improving T-Solution. And now T-Solution provides the most powerful functions, stability and performance.

System Overview

Entire System List

Core System

  • T-BOS (Back Office System)
  • T-Gate (FEP for HNX, HSX)
  • T-Pro Server (Server for Online Trading Channel)
  • T-Bank (Banking Connection)

Trading Channel

  • HTS (Home Trading System)
  • WTS (Web Trading System) : Supports all browsers which can support HTML5, not only windows, but also MacOS, Linux, IPad, Android Tablet)
  • MTS (Mobile Trading System)
  • IOS (IPhone, IPad), Android, Mobile Web
  • All online channels support Vietnamese, English, Korean.

Advance Feature

  • T-OMS (Order Management System) : Supports FIX protocol
  • Securities can receive order from oversea investors.
  • SWIFT Integration
  • T-API (Application Programming Interface) : API for BOS, Web, Trading

T-Solution Strength

Linux Platform

  • The most popular operating system for Finance Company in the US, Europe.
  • Open Source – Company can customize system for better performance
  • T-Solution is the first solution which uses Linux for main platform

Ready for HNX/HSX Next Generation System

  • HNX/HSX are going to use KRX – Exture+ system for next generation system
  • Lotte-HPT is the only vendor which understands Korean market and Exture+ system well.
  • We already got some technical documents about Exture+ system.
  • We have a lot of experiences in Korean Market and Exchange System

Using Latest web-technology – HTML5 for web trading solution

  • WTS (Multi Browser / Platform), Mobile Web (Supports All Smartphone which can support HTML5)

Ready to change

  • New feature every year
    • 2013 : New WTS, MTS – Mobile Web, Android, OMS are launched.
    • 2014 : 1st order solution for FEP, Improving Archiecture for high availbility
    • API / Prop Trading System / Risk Management System / CRM system are available soon.
  • Upgrade to latest software
    • Unlike other vendors, we already upgrade system software (O/S, DB, …) to recent version.