Core System


Enhanced function of business process automation

  • Real-time automatic reflection of the Exchange matching result
  • Automatic reflection of trading result to accounting
  • Processing other trading (salary payment, equipment purchase) with manual slip
  • Computerization of formal Excel work (Evaluation of deposit secured loan, Rights work such as paid-in capital increase)

Provision of various sales information

  • Provision of sales present status such as transaction volume, profit, asset etc.
  • Available for various inquiry by customer, manager, branch, and whole company
  • Accumulation & Inquiry of customer information

Flexible Structure for external Interface

  • Flexible structure for possible interface with External institution such as Bank, Stock Exchange, Securities Depository etc.
    • IF Table structured design considering various external interface

System Structure considering organization expansion (New Branch)

  • Integrated management structure for regardless of number of branches
  • No additional cost except network building for creating a new branch
  • Including trading (accounting) function between branches

Enhanced functions of preventing financial accident

  • Introduction of account password system
  • Enhanced function of signature management
    • Providing convenience through introduction of signature camera
    • Available for checking signature in the whole branches through integrated intensive management of signature data
  • roviding function of interim receipt limit management
  •  Providing function of special management for large amount receipt and payment

3 Tier Structure

  •  Introduction of 3 Tier structure which is the current IT architecture trend
  •  Efficient system resource utilization through Middleware load balancing
  •  Maintaining steady response speed and throughput, in spite of increasing user and TR


T-Gate communicates with external systems but external systems might make a bad effect on a securities system. T-Solution adopts a separated layer to solve that kind of problems. T-Gate system is separated from a back office system. That’s because a core system of a securities company can be protected from external risks. Also that’s because a securities company can maintain their system easily. T-Gate will provide various functions by the model.


  • Transparency
  • Transaction Flow Control
  • Modularity
  • Extendibility
  • Manageable
  • Minimized Maintain Cost
  • High Performance


  • Auto-Reject
  • Flow-Control
  • Forecast of the pre-open time (Only HSX)
  • Control Tools
  • Integration Channel View

T-Pro Server


  • Massive Clients supports – 2,000 client / 1server simultaneously
  • HTS, MTS supports
  • Scalability – T-Pro1, 2, 3, xxx
  • Stability
  • High Performance